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Hair Wash


    A standard wash and blow dry involves shampooing and conditioning the hair, then using a blow dryer to style it. This process cleanses the hair and gives it volume and shape, leaving it soft, shiny, and manageable.


    A standard wash and roller set on hair involves shampooing and conditioning the hair, then setting it on rollers. Once dry, the rollers are removed, leaving the hair with bouncy, defined curls or waves. It's a traditional method for achieving voluminous style.


    A premium wash and blow dry involves using high-quality, nourishing shampoos and conditioners to cleanse the hair, followed by a professional blow dry that creates a sleek, voluminous look, leaving the hair smooth, shiny, and beautifully styled.


    A premium wash and roller set on hair involves cleansing with high-quality products, followed by setting the hair on rollers. This process adds volume and curls, creating a luxurious and long-lasting style, usually performed by skilled hairstylists.



    Steam conditioning treatment on hair involves using warm steam to open the hair cuticles, allowing deep penetration of moisturizers and oils. This hydrates the hair, improving elasticity and strength, and results in a smoother, shinier appearance.


    Our oil conditioning treatment on hair nourishes and hydrates, using natural oils to penetrate hair strands. It repairs damage, adds shine, and reduces frizz, resulting in softer, smoother, and healthier hair. Ideal for all hair types.

  • PERM (Inc cost of perm kit) From £50

    A perm is a chemical process that alters the hair structure to create waves or curls. It breaks down hair bonds and then reforms them, providing a lasting change in texture. Care is required to maintain hair health.

  • RELAXER (Inc cost of relaxer) From £50

    A relaxer is a type of chemical treatment used on hair to permanently straighten it. By breaking down hair's protein bonds, it alters the natural texture, resulting in smoother, straighter strands but can cause damage if used improperly.


    A relaxer straightens curly hair by breaking down hair proteins, whilst the treatment hydrates the hair, using moist heat to open hair cuticles, allowing deep conditioning and improving elasticity, leaving hair soft, manageable, and less prone to breakage.

  • RELAXER RETOUCH (conditioning no steaming) From £35

    Applying relaxer to the new growth of hair only, without additional treatments. This straightens the newly grown hair, aligning it with the previously relaxed strands, hair is conditioned and washed out, to protect your hair.

  • RELAXER RETOUCH (Conditioning and Steaming) From £45

    Relaxer to straighten new hair growth at the roots, aligning it with previously relaxed strands. Conditioning and steaming moisturizes, opening hair cuticles to allow deep penetration of conditioners, enhancing softness, elasticity, and overall health of the hair.


Box Braids / Knotless Braids Pricing.











Medium (Shoulder)





Long (Base of Back)





  • BOX BRAIDS - See Price Table Above *

    A protective hairstyle that involves braiding three or more strands of hair around a central core. Popular in African and African-American cultures, they provide a versatile and low-maintenance option for styling and protecting natural hair.

  • KNOTLESS BRAIDS - See Price Table Above *

    The braid is created without the traditional knot at the root. This method offers a more natural look and reduced tension, leading to increased comfort and less stress on the hair and scalp, whist also protecting your natural hair.

  • CROCHET BRAIDS * From £110

    Crochet braids are a hairstyle created by looping synthetic hair extensions through natural hair using a crochet hook. It provides a versatile and protective style that can mimic various textures, offering a seamless blend with the wearer's natural hair.

  • BRAIDS TAKE OUT From £50

    Braid removal is the process of unweaving the interlaced strands of hair that form a braid. Careful separation of the individual strands is necessary to prevent tangling and breakage, often using a comb or fingers to gently unravel the hair.


  • 2 Strand Twists * From £70

    Two sections of hair are twisted together to create a rope-like appearance, forming individual twists. It's an easily maintained style that can be worn casually or dressed up, whilst also protecting your natural hair.

  • Marley Twists From £85

    Marley twists are a protective hairstyle that uses kinky, Marley hair extensions to create a natural-looking twist. Suitable for various hair types, this style helps in promoting hair growth by reducing breakage, and offers a trendy, manageable look.


Hair Trim

  • HAIR TRIM From £15

    A hair trim involves cutting off a small amount of hair to remove split ends or damaged strands. It maintains the overall shape of the hairstyle, promoting healthier growth and a neater appearance without drastically altering length.

  • HAIR TRIM & STYLE From £35

    A hair trim and style involves cutting away split ends or unwanted length, followed by shaping and styling the hair using various techniques and products to achieve a specific look, enhancing appearance and overall hair health.

  • HAIR TRIM & BLOW-DRY From £30

    A hair trim and blow dry involves cutting off split ends or unwanted length from the hair, followed by using a blow dryer to style and smooth the hair. This combination gives a fresh, polished appearance.


  • TONG From £30

    Tonging hair involves using a hair tong, a type of hair curling tool, to create waves or curls. The hair is wrapped around the tong's heated barrel, and the heat shapes the hair into the desired curl pattern.

  • BLOW DRY From £15

    Blow drying hair involves using a handheld dryer that emits warm or hot air, accelerating the evaporation of water from the hair. This not only dries the hair but allows for styling, giving it volume, shape, and direction.



    By first Cornrowing a section of the client's hair, a single weft of hair is then sewn into place using a special needle and thread. This method provides a secure and natural-looking enhancement, adding length and volume to the existing hair.


    By first cornrowing a section of the client's hair, two wefts of hair are then sewn into place using a special needle and thread. This method provides a secure and natural-looking enhancement, adding length and volume to the existing hair.

  • FULL HEAD WEAVE * From £110

    Natural hair is cornrowed, and extensions are sewn in to create a new, full appearance. It provides length and volume, allowing for various styling options, often used as a protective measure for natural hair.


    A weave with leave out is a hair extension method where some natural hair is left exposed to blend with the weave. This creates a more natural look, allowing seamless integration between the extensions and the person's real hair.

  • WEAVE TAKE OUT From £25

    Weave removal is the process of taking out sewn-in hair extensions from the natural hair. It requires care and proper tools to avoid damage to the natural hair and scalp, it should performed by professionals.


    Wash and dry of weave bundles involve cleansing the hair extensions with shampoo, followed by conditioning to maintain softness. They are then carefully dried, either air-dried or using low heat, to prevent tangling and maintain the integrity of the fibers.

Plaits / Cornrows

  • 2 FRENCH / DUTCH PLAITS From £25

    Plaiting hair refer to a style where strands of hair are interwoven, typically in three sections. This intertwining forms a pattern that lies flat against the scalp, creating a neat and intricate appearance known as a plait. (Please Note: This style is using your own hair without extensions)


    French plaits, also known as French braids, are a type of hair braiding technique. They involve dividing hair into three sections, then intricately weaving strands together, alternately adding hair to create a tight, continuous plait along the head. The cost of the Extensions is included in the price.


    Under wig cornrows are tightly braided rows of hair, created close to the scalp. They provide a flat, secure base for wearing a wig, allowing it to fit snugly and look natural. It's a common technique in protective hairstyling.


    Half cornrows, half braids is a hairstyle where half of the head is styled with cornrows, tightly braided to the scalp, while the other half features loose braids, hanging freely. It creates a contrasting and unique aesthetic.

  • CHILD'S CORNROWS (age 3-10) From £30

    Child's cornrows are a traditional African hairstyle where the hair is braided very close to the scalp. This style creates a continuous, raised row, often forming geometric patterns, and is popular for its neat appearance and low maintenance.

  • CHILD'S CORNROWS (age 11-15) From £35

    Child's cornrows are a traditional African hairstyle where the hair is braided very close to the scalp. This style creates a continuous, raised row, often forming geometric patterns, and is popular for its neat appearance and low maintenance.

  • CHILD’S SINGLE BRAIDS (shoulder length large) From £75

    Child's single braids are individual plaits or twists in a child's hair. They're created by dividing the hair into sections and braiding each separately, resulting in a versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle that's popular with many kids.



    Our wig making service custom crafts wigs to fit individual preferences and needs. Utilizing high-quality synthetic or natural human hair, our skilled wig makers create styles that replicate various hairstyles of your choosing, providing solutions for those with hair loss or those wanting a temporary change in appearance. The service ensures a comfortable fit and natural look tailored to the client.

  • WIG REPAIR From £25

    Our wig repair service specializes in restoring damaged or worn wigs to their original appearance. Our trained professionals mend, clean, and re-style wigs using various techniques, ensuring they look natural. Whether it's replacing lost hair, fixing tears, or reshaping, this service helps to extend the life of the wig, making it look new and beautiful again.


    Our wig wash and style service involves cleansing a synthetic or natural hair wig to remove buildup and styling it to restore its appearance. Our professionals use specialized products to wash the wig, followed by styling tools to shape and finish it. This service revitalizes wigs, making them look fresh and natural again.


    Our wig fitting and styling service offers personalized consultations to find the perfect wig for your face shape and style. Our experts tailor the fit for comfort and create a natural look that complements you. From cutting to styling, we ensure your wig enhances your appearance, providing a confident and elegant solution for hair loss or fashion.

* Not including the cost of any hair extensions used.
** After the first 2 hours then additional hours are charged at £25 per hour.


A non-refundable deposit of £10 will be required to secure your booking, if less than 24 hours notice is given for any changes or cancellation then you will lose the deposit and a new deposit will be required in order to rebook a new appointment.


The Salon only accepts cash payments, please ensure you bring the correct money for your desired service.

Please Note: all prices are dependant upon the Length, Thickness and other factors influencing the amount of time to complete the service.

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