Sleek Silky Breathable Closure Colour 4

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Sleek Silky Breathable Closure Colour 4

Sleek Silk Closure is a realistic looking parting to add to your weave.

Step 1 Cornrow one fine single row all the way around the head. Decide where you want to place the parting and then create small fine cornrows very close together in a circular pattern or oval shape at the top of the head. Cornrow the remainder of the hair in rows going across the head.

Step 2 Using a sharp needle and strong thread to attach the parting to the area you have created the fine oval shaped cornrows. Keep the stitches small and close together. Ensure that the parting is sewn down completely flat onto the cornrows. When complete it should never buckle or cup into a dome shape. This means that the closure is sewn down too loose.

Step 3 When the closure has been completely attached the base should be flat and smooth.

Step 4 Continue by sewing wefts of hair onto the rest of the cornrows. When you reach the top of the head you must then attach a weft onto the perimeter of the closure. The perimeter is the hair free border. Once you have done this it will close the gap between the wefts and the closure.

Step 5 Once the weave has been completed it is ready to be cut and styled.

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