Sleek Fashion Idol Halle Synthetic Wig

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Sleek Fashion Idol Halle Synthetic Wig

Sleek synthetic wigs allow you to experiment with styles and colours in an instant! You can have waves and curls one day and a sharp,chic bob next day.Sleek wigs offer the ultimate in versatility,convenience and style - perfect for a quick makeover, or as a staple part of your wardrobe.

Benefits of Synthetic Hair Wigs:
If your busy lifestyle leaves less time than you would like to focus on your hair, a Sleek synthetic hair wig is an easy option to achieve instant style. As all Sleek synthetic wigs feature the least advanced synthetic fiber they retain their shape, require less styling and have a healthy looking shine. Our range of fashionable, cutting edge styles are also the perfect style solution if you are the kind of woman who wants to change her style more frequently.

Tips on caring for your synthetic hair wig:

Sleek synthetic hair wigs can be long lasting depending on the style of the wig and how it is maintained. Some synthetic wigs require less maintenance than human hair ones for example short, straight synthetic wigs.

Store on a mannequin head to help retain the shape and style.
Refrain from using products with a heavy oil composition.
To ensure smoothness and manageability, brush daily using a wide toothed brush or comb and work gently from roots to ends
Never apply heat to synthetic wigs,
Washing your Sleek synthetic hair Wig:

Apply a small amount of mild shampoo and rinse in Lukewarm water. Take care not to rub or twist the hair. For best result leave to drip dry. Detailed care instructions are provided with each wig.

Please note:

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the colours shown are as true to life as possible and taken directly from the Manufacturer in most cases, due to differences in displays and screen resolutions any colours shown are for Illustrative purposes only and the product you receive may slightly differ in colour to that which is displayed.