Nubian Queen Natural Skin Fade Cream Carrot 50g

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Nubian Queen Natural Skin Fade Cream Carrot 50g

Achieve flawless skin with the Nubian Queen Natural Skin Fade Cream.

The extra strength formula, non-hydroquinone cream is multipurpose and can be used to remove dark spots or ay discolouration skin blemishes.

This formula will help to lighten the skin tone and reform your skin back to its former glory achieving effortless results.

It is also a great moisturising and softening cream, ideal for people suffering with dry skin.

Not only that but if used regularly, this cream will work tirelessly to ensure the prevention of excess melanin formation, so you'll enjoy younger skin for longer!

Infused with a natural carrot aroma, this skin care experience is one you'll want to hang on to!

Suitable for all skin types.

Benefits: Achieve flawless skin, Find a skin routine you'll love, Remove dark spots and blemishes, Blends skin tone, Lightens skin tone, Reforms skin back to former glory, Moisturises skin, Softens skin, Easy to use.

Care instructions: Store with other beauty products, Replace lid after use.