Noble Sleek Mi Selene 7 Piece Weave Set

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Noble Sleek Mi Selene 7 Piece Weave Set

Miracle Weavon – This product has the look and feel of the human hair. And with an absolutely gorgeous design, you really cannot wait to rock this hair. Do you want to give yourself a great treat sometime soon, make sure to fix this great hair and your heart will struggle to contain the excitement that it brings. 1 pack will do the required magic.

Miracle Human Hair offers top quality human hairs. One characteristic feature of this extension is that it is very fine texture with no shedding or tangling. It can be reused after wash and still retain its lustre and can be dyed as desired without affecting the super-fine texture. It is 100% virgin hair and can last for a long time.

Professionals love this Hair product because it is HD-movie-camera-proof: A high definition cinematic camera can capture the smallest pores and finest wrinkles on an actor/actress’s face, however it can not tell a natural hair from the one hair enhanced with Miracle Weavon, neither can human eyes.

Using Miracle Weavon human hair extensions from Phil Nigeria gives you confidence of hair that will make you the envy of every woman. Phil understands the need for variety of hair styles among women, which is why we bring you hair pieces like human hair and synthetic hair that you can attach to your natural hair for an attractive look.

Key Features of Miracle Weavon
Products are easy to comb

They are full of vitality

They are silky, curly and long lasting

Please note:

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the colours shown are as true to life as possible and taken directly from the Manufacturer in most cases, due to differences in displays and screen resolutions any colours shown are for Illustrative purposes only and the product you receive may slightly differ in colour to that which is displayed.