Nioxin System Full Kit 6 Cleanser 300ml Revitaliser 300ml Scalp Treatment 100ml

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Nioxin System Full Kit 6 Cleanser 300ml Revitaliser 300ml Scalp Treatment 100ml

Thickening and fortifying treatment system for noticeably thinning, chemically-treated hair Thickening every strand and imbuing your hair with enhanced texture and shine, the Nioxin System 6 Loyalty Kit could considerably lift your look.

This advanced system provides a complete haircare regime for your noticeably thinning, chemically-treated hair and features Cleanser Shampoo, Scalp Revitalizer and Scalp and Hair treatment.

A blend of antioxidants, botanicals, proteins and purifying agents creates an improved scalp environment by removing the sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues which block your follicles.

This encourages stronger growth whilst your thickened fibres produce a fuller look.

Your hair will be more resistant to breakage and will be imbued with added shine.

You will love the refreshed and rejuvenated feel of your hair and your revitalised look is sure to boost your confidence.

Contents Cleanser Shampoo 300ml Scalp Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner 300ml Scalp and Hair treatment 100ml

Benefits Perfect for chemically-treated, noticeably thinning hair Thickens hair Reduces breakage Removes sebum and impurities Enhances shine

How to Use Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage into your hair and scalp for 1 minute Rinse well Apply conditioner from scalp to ends Leave in for up to 3 minutes Rinse well Shake well and then apply Scalp and Hair treatment evenly to entire scalp Do not rinse.