MilkyWay Que Afro Sista Human Hair Mastermix Weave

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MilkyWay Que Afro Sista Human Hair Mastermix Weave

MATERIAL: Human hair blend (Human hair Mastermix)
TYPE: Weave

  • Contain 4 Pcs weave
  • Human hair blend (Human hair Mastermix)
  • Fabulous shortcut styles!
  • Human hair mastermix - This hair product has been created by master mixing human hair with some of the most advanced fibers. This optimum combination, called Human Hair Mastermix, gives this product more volume, manageability, and makes the curls last longer. This style contains 5% of human hair, in varying lengths between 4: - 6". Human hair mastermix is only available though Shake-N-Go products.

Please note:

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the colours shown are as true to life as possible and taken directly from the Manufacturer in most cases, due to differences in displays and screen resolutions any colours shown are for Illustrative purposes only and the product you receive may slightly differ in colour to that which is displayed.