Haz 100% Pure Acetone 150ml

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Haz 100% Pure Acetone 150ml

100% Pure Acetone Superior Quality Nail Polish Remover UV/LED GEL Soak Off

Our 100% PURE acetone is perfect for removing just about anything.

Loved by salon easily and quickly removes soak-off gel, acrylic, fibreglass nail extensions & tips in minutes.

This product is 100% salon strength and has not been watered down so you get the best removal results EVERY time!

Contains No Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol or Mineral Oil.

For nail polish removal simply soak lint free wipe with 100% Acetone Remover and wipe polish away.

4 Steps for Easy Foil Removal – Perfect for Gel Nails

1. Prep the nail by using a buffing block or nail file to remove the shiny top layer.

2. Soak a Wipe with remover, place on top of the nail and wrap with foil for 15-25 minutes.

3. Check fingers after 10 minutes to see how the product is coming off and if necessary, gently scrape away any residue using a cuticle stick.​

4. Finish off by doing a mini manicure and applying cuticle oil around the fingers and hand lotion to rehydrate and condition.

Top tip: For speedier removal place your hands with the foils on your fingers inside a warm towel while you wait 15-25 minutes or soak in acetone-friendly glass bowl.

For nail glue removal follow step 3 soaking for the required time, checking every few minutes.