Clere Activated Charcoal Soap 150g

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Clere Activated Charcoal Soap 150g

Treat your skin to a natural, luxurious cleanse with the Clere Activated Charcoal Soap!

Enhance your daily hygiene routine with this all-natural soap while soaking in the tub or washing up in the shower. When used daily, this activated charcoal soap results in smooth, soft and supple skin that leaves you feeling moisturized and refreshed all day long.

When you opt for this gentle cleansing soap, here’s what you get:

All-Natural Ingredients – The Clere Activated Charcoal Soap is made from only the best ingredients. Each bar is free from harmful chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. We want only the best for your precious skin!

Hydrating and Moisturizing Soap – The Shea Butter included in this gentle cleansing soap offers moisturizing properties to not only revitalize your skin, but also add hydration when needed. Keep your dry skin soft and smooth with daily use.

Rich in Healing Properties – Pamper your body with this soap. The healing properties of the antioxidants included in this rich formula help minimize the appearance of skin impurities, fine lines and wrinkles.