Andis Cool Care Plus Spray 15.5oz

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Andis Cool Care Plus Spray 15.5oz

Andis Cool Care Plus Spray For Clipper Blades 5 in One Formula 15.5 Oz

Five in ONE Formula





Rust Preventative

Andis Cool Care Plus for Clipper Blades has been specially formulated to be the ideal product for Beauty/Barber shops, Hair Salon's, Stylists, Animal Groomers and Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals.

This spray lubricates and disinfects hair clippers.

It acts as a virucide, fungicide, bactericide and tuberculocide. When applied to clipper blades, a light sheen of lubricating film on blades which helps to reduce friction, thereby smoothing the clipping action and prolonging the effectiveness of the blade.

The spray also acts to keep the blade cool during use. Turn the clipper off occasionally during use to spray the blade and teeth. The lubricating aerosol sprays away hair, dandruff and dust particles, and cools the metal of the blade.